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        We are now offering on Saturdays ONLY the ability to tie dye your own shirts and other items!

        Maybe you have an old college, school or camp shirt that you want to refresh? Maybe you have an old sweatshirt that needs some color? Or, maybe it is some old music group shirt that needs a new look? 

        If you are looking to take it with you that day you can with wash instructions in a sealed bag, or please leave it with us for an extra wash fee of $10 (*Single items are $15 for the wash fee and multiple items are discounted at $10 per item), and we will take care of all the mess for you! No fuss tie dye!

        Pricing per items as follows (in-store only):

        T-Shirt - $20 / Reverse Tie Dye $45

        Long sleeve - $25 / Reverse Tie Dye $45

        Sweatshirts and Crewneck - $40 / Reverse Tie Dye $45

        Sweatpants - $30 / Reverse Tie Dye $45

        Towel - $40 / Reverse Tie Dye $50

        Miscellaneous Items - TBD



        *A liability form will be signed before we setup the tie dye activity. Tyed with Love, LLC. is not responsible for the outcome, care and conditions of the items participating and signed off for this activity. If you are not happy with the outcome we are not responsible. By participating in the craft activity or allowing us to revise an existing new or old shirt all rights and conditions of the articles are waived. By making payment before the activity you (the consumer) understands that all tie dye pieces and outcomes are not the same, and articles of clothing can wear differently or alter over time. Any reverse tie dye activities and actions taken to said articles within the sale are only to be done by trained Tyed with Love, LLC. staff and management. Tyed with Love, LLC. does not allow consumers and non-employees to engage in "reverse tie dye" actions or craft activities. Any reverse tie dye items are subject to the same liability release as outlined above, as we are not responsible for clothing brought to us, not procured by the company and not verified for materials and %'s used of cotton and other said apparel materials. By engaging in the refresh and craft activities with Tyed with Love, LLC., and making payment upon a new or used article of clothing and apparel, you understand that you have waived any rights for reimbursement, refund and/or compensation. The Tyed with Love, LLC. staff and management strives to make all consumers happy and we will work within reasonable and safe protocols to make sure the customers item(s) are corrected within reason, but still adhering to the release of liability clause pre-activity and pre-purchase waiver of rights.