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        There are always signs - foreshadowing if you will- of where we are meant to be in life. Unknowingly Lindsay's sign came to her at the early age of 9 as she tie dyed her first t-shirt at Camp Vega.

        Lindsay grew up in Brookline, MA. She graduated from Syracuse University and went on to earn her Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College. Lindsay thrived in a successful marketing and advertising career for over 11 years. In 2011 Lindsay married the only man who could constantly keep her laughing, David, and together they have two tie dyers in training, Zachary and Ava. While their family grew, Lindsay took a leave from her busy career never imagining that tie dye would bring her back into the workforce.

        During Lindsay's time off from advertising she found herself one day, with her son at a friends 5th birthday party, tie dying. Vivid images of that summer in 1993 where Lindsay tie dyed her first shirt flooded her mind and she knew she needed to find a way to bring tie dye back into her life. Lindsay bought a small tie dye kit and began created pajamas for her children which expanded into requested items for friends and family. Before she knew it, her small hobby grew into what you now see before you today as Tyed With Love.

        Lindsay loves the creativity that now spills into her daily life, the nostalgia of the 60s (or in Lindsay's case the 90s), and the simplicity of making people smile. She enjoys customizing each piece to meet the preferences of every customer, knowing that no two will ever be the same. Looking back, no one could have ever known that the moment nine year old Lindsay tie dyed her first piece would be such an integral part of who she was meant to be. Lindsay will continue to treasure that moment and all things Tyed With Love.